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Easy Ways To Maintain The Value Of Your Car

20th October 2017

It is an accepted fact that your car drops in value as soon as you drive it away from the dealership, however, you can prevent how much it decreases in value by following our easy tips.

Maintaining the value of your car is an ongoing task, not something to consider just before you sell! Look after your vehicle and keep it in good condition and you may be able to preserve its worth.

Regular Car Servicing

A car service is a mechanical check of your vehicle and ensures that it is free from any underlying damage which may develop. Having your car serviced regularly will help you to avoid expensive and unnecessary repairs and can help you to prevent damage from occurring or developing into a bigger problem. Book a Car Service online at Merityre Specialists.

Keep all documents related to servicing, maintenance and repairs as this can enhance the sale value of your vehicle. Being able to see a full history of the vehicle makes prospective buyers feel more comfortable that the car has been properly maintained and cared for.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your car regularly can help you to remove dirt and debris, which may damage the paint or body of the vehicle, and it will give you an opportunity to spot any damage which needs to be attended to. You should keep an eye out for signs of rusting and corrosion and damage such as scratches which you can have repaired before they potentially develop into more serious issues.

Don’t forget to also clean the interior of your vehicle as stains on your upholstery can put off potential buyers! Make sure you clean stains as soon as you can after they occur and get rid of damp by shampooing your seats and allowing them to fully dry out. To prevent damp occurring, you should use your heating in damp winter weather.

Change Your Oil

Regular oil changes are relatively cheap – you can even undertake this task at home if you follow your vehicle manufacturer instructions – and this will help to keep your engine working smoothly. Whether or not you plan to sell your vehicle you should frequently use your dipstick to check that your oil has not dropped below the minimum level. If it has, or it no longer looks smooth or glossy, it is time to have your oil changed. All servicing options at Merityre Specialists include draining and refilling engine oil.

You should also regularly check other essential engine oils to keep your vehicle in good condition. Visually inspect the containers of engine coolant and brake fluid and contact a specialist if they need to be refilled.

Keep Matching Tyres

Have you ever needed to replace a tyre and chosen the most cost effective option? While this may seem like the best idea at the time, fitting tyres that are from different manufacturers and have different tread patterns can affect the handling performance of your vehicle and could put potential buyers off. Always replace a tyre with one which is the same as all the others on your vehicle. For more information on replacing tyres contact a tyre specialist for further advice.

For more information on maintaining the value of your vehicle contact your local Merityre Specialists where one of our trained specialists will be able to provide further guidance.